Mobile Tracking Spy

Worried about the safety of your family members? Or do you think that your staff can abuse the internet or mobile phone privileges given to them? Then we have a solution to keep track of their smartphones. BOL7 has developed a mobile tracking spy app that can assist you to ensure the safety and well-being of your family and employees. It is easy-to-navigate tool that can give you live updates of all the data and track the exact location of the phone. You simply need to install this app on the phone that you need to monitor, now sit back and relax, our app will seek all the information that you intend to and give you the genuine results. The mobile tracking application designed by our exceptional team of developers is compatible with all the Android versions and offers you exclusive features, such as:

  • It is accessible on all the Android versions
  • Monitors all SMS text messages
  • Tracks the GPS location anytime, anywhere
  • No icon of the app that one can see on the mobile screen
  • The frequency to capture data is 10 minutes to 2 hours
  • Monitors call details
  • Auto-call responder so that you can listen to background sounds
  • Photos and videos clicked by the phone are also tracked

The mobile spy software designed by BOL7 sends the data only to your email address or FTP server. Rest assured that all the information and monitoring will be confined to you and cannot be received, transmitted, stored or backed-up anywhere else.

The mobile tracking spy sends two types of data –

  1. One-Time Reports
  2. Ongoing Reports

One-Time Reporting includes phone data that is sent for the first time, including:

  • The phone book that you can get on your registered email or server.
  • All the media files like photos and videos.
  • The list of all the apps installed on the monitored smartphone.

Regular Reports that you receive according to the frequency set by you. The data includes:

  • Incoming & outgoing calls along with phone numbers and recordings.
  • Any new number that is added in the contact list
  • New media files that are captured or received on the phone.
  • New apps and notifications received are sent to the registered email address or FTP server.
  • Incoming & outgoing messages, including the content.
  • Real-Time GPS locations that can help you create the route map.
  • You can send a message from the registered phone number for remote formatting.
  • Internet browsing history
  • Auto-call responder enables you to register your number while installing the app. So whenever you will call on the tracked phone, it will be picked up automatically and you can listen to all the surrounding sounds in case of emergency.

Why Install Our Mobile Tracking Software?

Despite having a plethora of options available online, users prefer our mobile tracking app over others. Why? Here a few of the many reasons:

  • Exclusive features to get exact and effective data
  • Compatible with the latest Android version
  • Monitors your family or staff in real time
  • Easy installation and navigation
  • Tracks the messages without rooting the phone

By now, you must have realized why we are one of the most trusted mobile tracking service providers in the world. So, create an account, install the app and conveniently monitor the phone.