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Mobile Tracking Spy

mobile tracking spy

Mobile Tracking:

At Bol7 we understand how tracking assets and people can be important for their safety and well-being. So we have developed mobile tracking software which will ensure that most of your security and tracking related needs are addressed. Our app is capable of capturing a very vast range of data and can be used for multiple purposes.


  • This android based application functions across various android versions ranging from 4.4 to 7.2.
  • This app doesn’t leave any icon on the screen and its installation on any mobile phone is fully discreet.
  • Any data that the app captures is sent only to the client on their email or their FTTP server. Your data is ONLY with you and is not transmitted, received, stored or backed-up anywhere else.
  • It captures a wide range of data like phone directory, call log, SMS history, GPS location, photos, videos, music, browsing history and list of phone apps.
  • All reports can be generated at a preset frequency. The data can be captured at a frequency that ranges from 10 minutes to 2 hours.
  • It features an auto-call responder which enables the client to listen to nearby surrounding sounds.
  • Remote formatting via SMS is possible using this app.
  • Beneficial for safety, tracking, monitoring.
  • Single user / phone license.


Every report is sent ONLY to your FTTP server or to your email address. The software is so designed that Bol7 cannot receive, transmit, store or access any report or data captured from a phone.

There are two kinds of data that the app sends to you : One time reports and ongoing reports.

One time reporting: 

One time reporting includes those reports that send you all the phone data for the first time. It includes the following information:

  • First – time data capture of phone book. All contact numbers in that phone are sent to your registered email or server.
  • Photos / Videos – All photographs and videos are backed up to the registered email.
  • Phone Apps – In case of one-time information regarding the phone apps, only the list of the apps is sent to you.

Regular Reports:

Regular reports are generated at the frequency you set. They capture the following data at regular intervals:

  • Call Logs / Call History – After the data is captured for the first time, every incoming and outgoing call is recorded. The numbers as well as the recordings are made available to the client.
  • Phone Book – After the first backup, whenever any new number is added to the phone book, it is reported to the client.
  • SMS History – After the first backup, all incoming as well as outgoing messages can be checked. This includes the numbers as well as the content of these messages.
  • Real Time GPS location – Location on the map, the latitude and longitude are sent to the client server or registered email. Using this data, you can also create a route map.
  • Photo / Video Updates – Whenever a new photo or a video is made, clicked, received or saved to the gallery, it is reported to the registered email address.
  • Browser history of the phone – If the user uses the phone to browse internet, the history will be reported to the user email ID.
  • App Notifications – The names of all the apps on the phone are provided when the software is installed for the first time. However, once the software is installed all notifications received on the phone are sent in a report to your FTTP server or the registered email ID.
  • Auto Call Responder – When installing the software, you can register a phone number in it. Whenever the registered number calls the mobile phone, calls are automatically picked up. As a result, you can listen to the surrounding sounds. This feature is extremely useful in cases of emergency.
  • Remote Formatting – The phone can be remotely formatted by sending a single message from the registered phone number.


Some of the most common benefits of such a device are:

  • Women and Child Safety – An innocuous looking android phone can function as a tracker.
  • Asset tracking – All you need to do is switch all apps off and put the phone in your vehicle. You can that way not just track but also remotely hear the conversation in the vehicle, ensuring its safety all the time.
  • Remote Attendance Monitoring – Employee attendance can be monitored, specially where employees are on field. For instance sales and marketing staff, delivery boys etc.
  • High ROI – Unlike other asset tracking solutions, you do not need to purchase a separate device. Instead, you can use the existing mobile phones by only installing a discrete android app.

If you think, you may have a specific use case and would like to understand whether our solution fits your need, our experts are just a click or a call away!


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