CallCentre App

BOL7 android app-based Call Center Solution is the new trend in technology. It allows the user to access company call Center solution through a mobile app. It offers all the features such as call connecting, call dialing, call recording, call history, disposition and much more. This is the best way to have call Center solution access without any software services. The Android app-based Call Center Solution get you all the features.

Benefits of Call center app:

  • Accessible from anywhere without any hardware requirement.
  • Better communication and responsibility.
  • Better scope to data access on-the-go
  • Decreased costs and better sales.
  • Enhanced customer service management.
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency.
  • Great customer experience.
  • Improved reporting features.

Call center app features:

  • Slide into deep conversations: You can dial or take calls from wherever you are.
  • Pause || play > or mute away: You have the flexibility of muting, putting your call on hold or turning the speaker on
  • Bond over the ‘support’ of tickets: you can save your calls as tickets to be dealt with later. And once saved you can access it from the web too.
  • Recent calls to your rescue: You can connect with your recent callers right from the home screen of the call center Android
  • Stay alert with call notifications: With the call notifications feature you have the choice of attending to the most important call even with multiple calls coming your way at the same time.
  • Automatically record calls: All calls made and received from call center app gets automatically recorded if recording is enabled on your call center web account.