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Who Is Database

who is database

Whois database and whois finder

What is Whois and Whois database?

Whois is the information available on any website domain that is registered anywhere in the world. It includes information like the domain name, name of the purchaser, address, phone number, email ID, country, city, domain seller (godaddy etc.)

Whois database is a list of all the domains that are registered over the last 24 hours anywhere in the world.

How is whois information useful?

Whois information is specially useful for large marketers. With this kind of a database, your digital marketing strategies can be highly effective and you can reach a larger number of people. Also, since most domain names are fairly industry-specific, you will also be able to target your campaigns better.

How can you get a Whois database?

On an average, around 400,000 – 500,000 domains are registered all over the world over 24 hours. Bol7 is able to supply you, not just a list of these domains but also the whois information that is registered on each of these domains.

Effectively this service will get you a B2B database of 400,000 – 500,000 following pieces of information on a daily basis for a monthly subscription fee:

  • Domain name,
  • Name of the purchaser,
  • Address,
  • Phone number,
  • Email ID,
  • Country, city,
  • Domain seller (godaddy etc.)

What is Whois Finder?

If however, you’re a marketer who believes in a higher ROI, you may want to invest in a one time purchase. For clients, who want to fetch their own whois data and want to invest only once, Bol7 offers Whois finder.

  • How does the software work?
  • The list of new domains registered is freely available online.
  • Or, you may have your own target list of domains
  • All you need to do is enter this target list in the software and you can fetch their whois data very easily.

Who is it useful for?

This database is useful for various kinds of clients:

  1. Digital marketers
  2. Web design and development companies
  3. Digital researchers and others

Service combinations

Many clients want to create an overall campaign where they want to send solo ads or bulk emails, skype marketing or targeted email marketing. For such clients, whois finder software or service are extremely useful.

Reach out to our experts to create a full-blown campaign at very competitive pricing.

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