Web Conferencing

In this technological era, it is absolutely necessary to have face-to-face interaction with various business stakeholders. Face to Face gatherings acquires extraordinary expense to the organization as far as travel, time, location and so on. Web Conferencing is an online service which provide complete communication  platform  where client can hold continuous, online, synchronous gatherings and meetings utilizing an internet browser or web.  It enables to coordinate internal social events with representatives who are not really present in one region. It is beneficial for both small set-up as well as massive endeavor .We provide the best web conferencing service which empowers consistent data stream and upgrades profitability of the business.


  • Better team engagements
  • Face-to-Face meetings
  • Reduce travel cost and time
  • Multi-location connect
  • Convenience of connect
  • Negate data security threats

To empowers consistent data stream, better team engagements and upgrades profitability of the business, we the team of BOL7 technologies, offers you the best Web Conferencing Service. You just need a Laptop/desktop/mobile device, web browser and internet bandwidth and get access to the meeting at anytime and anywhere.