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w app auto responder

wapp auto responder

Wapp Auto Responder Service

The advent of wapp has changed our communication patterns greatly. Result ? We no longer simply wapp broadcast our ad messages, but also have dedicated wapp numbers for our customers / clients where we tell them “Wapp us on ….” wapp auto responder services.

Now the catch 22 is that when a client / customer wapps us, they also expect a response.  This means that there has to be a dedicated resource to respond to these messages.  An interesting trend in these messages is that a lot of them are simple ‘hello’ and ‘hi’. It could also be season’s greetings.


It could be a sales lead that you want to certainly respond to!

Now you wouldn’t know what query it is unless you look at that wapp. However, is it always possible to look at it? Is it possible to be on a look out for a message and a potential response all day long? Well, no. That’s where BOL7 comes to your aid.

Our wapp auto responder service is a perfect solution for your wapp related communications needs. Here’s what it does:

  • Set up a 24/7 X 365 online bot to respond to every app message you receive.
  • Allows you to preset responses based on certain keywords. (Example – The response to a simple ‘hi / hello’ could be – Welcome to BOL7. Thank you for sending us a message. For sales query – reply with ‘1’, for support, respond with ‘support’ etc.’)
  • Respond with auto-generated, scripted responses for up to 10,000 word long text.
  • Reply with images.
  • Answer the message with a PDF
  • Send a video.

So our wapp auto responder is one of the services that does not need you to worry about missing on the chats that get buried in the long list of messages. It also ensures you respond to each of the messages instantly.

Who is it beneficial for:

  • Businesses that get large number of enquirers in their BAU (Business as usual).
  • Campaign Managers for political parties, politicians, social figures.
  • Banks, insurance companies, service centers.
  • Individuals running a particular campaign for an objective.
  • NGOs trying to fund raise.

If you think you may have different needs from those listed above, please reach out to our experts and they will be happy to design a strategy for you to be able to use wapp auto responder efficiently.

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