Video Editing Service

Nowadays creating an effective global presence is indeed imperative for any business entity in order to maintain a firm position in the market . To this end, a video really helps strengthen the image of a brand, and creates a long lasting impact over the viewers. Bol7 provide best video editing services to our valuable clients. As a video editing company India, our experts edit the videos of our global clients pertaining to business presentation, process of production, personal events, or any other purpose. We offer all manner of business video editing including Corporate profiles, Educational videos and Product and Advertising videos that are sure to paint your company in the best light possible. All you need to do is supply your footage together with details of your intended audience and the message you wish to send.

What we do?

  • Basic editing: We merge videos according to the instruction and need of our client. Afterwards, removal of unwanted content is done that ensures more quality video, re-arranging footage and sequencing the shots in correct order.
  • Additional effects: We at Bol7 add sound and music according to the type of video. We include text headlines and sub titles. Voice-overs and special effects add to the beauty of video, Creative titling, animations and transitions.
  • Quality enhancements: We at Bol7 enhance the quality of final result. A high definition video editing services is offered by us for enhancing video quality while editing. This includes color adjustments/corrections, noise/distortion removal, sharpness, tilting, 2D/3D effects, sound enhancements, video up-scaling.

Our Services include:

  • Marketing videos
  • Polished speeches
  • Children’s videos
  • Company Profiles
  • Online Commercial
  • Promotional videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Staff Training
  • Event Management
  • Screen casts
  • Talk shows