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Twitter Marketing

twitter marketing

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is a very powerful tool for businesses, NGOs, influential people and political and social figures. But to be successful on twitter, you need to do the following things:

  • Tweet regularly
  • Have active followers
  • Get followers to retweet you
  • Get them to reply to your tweets
  • Make trending tweets

It is not just about having a twitter handle or creating a twitter hashtag or have followers. To use twitter marketing successfully for your campaign, BOL7 offers you the following services:

  • Increase the number of your followers
  • Retweet your posts from thousands of genuine twitter handles
  • Reply to your tweets from genuine twitter handles
  • Retweet / Reply to your tweets within 5 minutes of posting it
  • Offer 24/7 / 365 reply and retweet services
  • Post random content in images and text
  • Make your tweets viral and trending

How do we do twitter marketing for you:

  • As a twitter marketing agency, Bol7 has a 24/7/365 bot that creates multiple genuine twitter handles
  • Our bot replies and retweets within 5 minutes of your tweet
  • Company can respond in text or in images
  • We increase your followers
  • Bol7 can post both negative and positive comments as wanted by you
  • We make your posts trend and go viral
  • Buy Twitter Followers

Who is it beneficial for:

  • NGOs
  • Individual influences
  • Aspiring politicians
  • Subject matter experts
  • Thought leaders
  • Political parties
  • Businesses
  • Startups

What do we need from the client:

  • A clear marketing objective and marketing strategy
  • An outreach program in case of NGOs
  • A target on the number of retweets and replies that you want
  • The twitter handle you want us to follow
  • The content, text, and images you want us to post
  • A small fee for our services

If you have a special twitter marketing need, we can do that for you. Our team is just a call or an email away and will be happy to provide you with a strategy and a quotation!

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