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Solo Ads by Emails

Simply put, solo ad is like a PPC in email. You visit a website, you click on a free report or a white paper or a case study that the website offers if you sign up for their email list. You sign up and get the report. For free!

Now once these email lists are grown with more users like you, the email list owner will be able to sell a solo ad.

This means, the list owner send an email to parts or this entire list, the content that the solo ad buyer is giving. Now this email will have the link to the free report. Now, everyone who clicks on that link to read the report is considered a ‘click’. Each ‘click’ is chargeable just like PPC in case of google ads.

Benefits of Solo Ads

Solo ads are used for the following benefits:

  • Generating guaranteed organic traffic to your website. It is used to get more people to click on your website and read your content.
  • It can also be used to sell your products once the user has clicked on your website and reviewed the free content.
  • It helps you increase the number of your subscribers.
  • It also helps in getting a higher return of investment on your digital marketing campaigns.
  • This method is simple and effective when done with the right digital marketing partner.

What kinds of clients use it?

Solo Ad buyers can range from niche bloggers to E-commerce companies. It can be educational institutes, research companies, NGOs, content portals and other such clients. At times, even book authors, writers and other creative artists use it.

What do we need from the client?

At Bol7, we want to keep things simple for you. So we try to make sure that you have to work on your solo ad campaign as less as possible. So, all we need from you is the following:

  • Creative – An appealing visual to go in the email. The more attractive, the better. Also, the more relevant, the better.
  • Content – You understand your niche best, so we are happy to leave the content to you.
  • Landing Page – The page where you want the reader to land up to.
  • Target Audience – Just tell us who we should send this email to. Retirees, students, housewives, CEOs, you name the target group and we will make sure you get only relevant clicks.


Bol7 is a very efficient Solo Ad provider because:

  • We use only targeted email lists. For instance, if your landing page is about your cookery book, we ensure it goes to women or cooking enthusiasts only. We don’t send bulk mails to everyone in our huge data base.
  • Very large database to select target audience from. We have such a huge database of email addresses that we can categorize it into more than 200 types of target audiences. We are highly confident that we can create a very relevant database for you.
  • High ROI on genuine and high-quality clicks are our USP. Since we use only targeted emails from our extensive database, every click you get is authentic and genuine. Add to it the fact that we charge you only for those clicks that are obtained after reading the email.
  • We ensure authenticity of data by inserting a Tracking URL which ensures that all clicks are closely monitored and you get the best results for your investment.

How does it work?

  1. Design your campaign
  2. Discuss with our expert
  3. Purchase your package
  4. Provide us with content, creative and landing page
  5. We will use targeted data base to send these emails
  6. We will share with you a tracking report

For any clarifications, questions or campaign planning, our experts are just a click away.

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