Social media likes refer to the number of likes or positive reactions that a post or content receives on a social media platform. These likes serve as a measure of engagement and popularity for the content. Some people and brands use social media likes as a way to gauge their success or influence on the platform, while others use them as a way to connect with their audience and build a community.

Social media likes services are companies or individuals that offer to increase the number of likes on a user's social media posts or profile. These services often use various tactics such as buying likes or using bots to artificially inflate the number of likes on a post or profile. Some people and businesses use these services to try to gain more attention or to appear more popular on social media. However, many social media platforms discourage the use of these services and may penalize users who engage in this behavior.

Bol7 are provide 100% manually social media likes for all social media platforms. And promote your business or product and services with our services Social media likes points refer to the number of likes or positive feedback a user receives on their posts or content on social media platforms. These points are often used as a measure of popularity and engagement on social media, and can often be used to determine the visibility and reach of a user's content. Some social media platforms also offer rewards or incentives for users who receive a high number of likes, such as boosted visibility or special features.