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SMTP Mail Server

What is an SMTP Mail server?

An SMTP server is like a postman for your emails. It’s a server or a computer that helps in delivering your emails and let you know about undelivered messages, in case the receiver cannot receive them for any reason. All common email clients like Google, yahoo etc. have their dedicated SMTP servers.

How does our SMTP mail server work?

For a nominal monthly subscription Bol7 offers the SMTP mail server as a service. Our service is specially designed to help email marketers create and execute effective email marketing campaigns.

We provide you with the following:

  • A brand new SMTP server with new IP and new Domain.
  • A user name / password and IP address.
  • You can either connect your desktop based application.
  • If you want, we can also provide you with our free desktop based application.
  • Your spam complaints are addressed by us.
  • If an IP or a domain is blacklisted, we have an ability to change them for the client at no additional cost. This change will be applicable for the remaining period of their purchase.

Who should purchase

SMTP servers are most useful for email marketers. However, it is recommended that anyone who is planning to send a mass mailer should use an SMTP mail server. Some of the major clients who prefer using a dedicated SMTP server are:

  • NGOs for fund raising
  • Political parties or individual politicians for their outreach mailers
  • Newer ecommerce platforms
  • Email marketers
  • Digital Marketing experts

Benefits of using a dedicated SMTP server:

  • All common providers – Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail are shared among users. So, they are based on non-dedicated IPs. This means, your IP could also be used by a spammer and as a result your email deliveries could get affected.
  • All common providers establishing some or the other limit on the number of emails you can send.
  • Hence, if you plan on sending a mass mail or set up an email campaign, it’s always recommended that you use a professional SMTP server.

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