SMS Survey

SMS surveys were born out of the sheer determination to get actionable feedback from an audience and getting high online survey completion rates as well. Before, people had to log-in to their desktop for taking a survey. However, with SMS survey, all that they need now is a smartphone. Talk about convenience at its best. Therefore, we can rightly conclude that SMS surveys have become the swiftest & most straightforward way to survey an audience.

What are the Benefits of SMS Surveys?

1.Better Reach: Respondents receive the notification, read your text, and they take the survey.

2.Most Convenient: The respondents can pick a time of their choice to answer the surveys

3.Boost Customer Engagement: Online survey software these days come with various features that helps to

personalize messages. As a result, respondents are gently urged to take & finish the survey

4.Cost-effective Alternative: Texts may come up to a few pennies and gets you high open rates & actual results

5.Easily Deliverable: Once you get the contact details of your respondents, administering SMS survey to them is very simple

What makes it different from other surveys?

1.Track SMSes surveys : It enables you to view logs to track sms deliveries, survey open rate, survey response rate and more .

2.Get feedback in real-time : All responses and feedbacks captured through Bol7 are in real-time viewable in the Response Inbox.

3.Feedback Reports & Detailed Analysis: With Bol7 real-time reporting, you can monitor every feedback and get an in-depth analysis of all responses

How is this app useful for business?

1.Boost Brand Awareness and Reputation: Even if customers do not engage with an SMS survey, they are likely to see the survey invitation. This can send the message that the brand cares about customer opinions and create goodwill

2.Make Feedback Gathering Effortless: The best SMS surveys are short and easy-to-complete, which makes them easy for customers to complete anywhere.

3.Gather Insight Across Demographics: While SMS is often the domain of the young, texting is the top method of communication for adults under 50.

So you can rely on us for your results and worries as with this feature you will know what are the public needs and  what you need to improve.Bol7 technologies always look forward for providing next gen needs and these features are a breakthrough for the needy.