Skype Bots

In the era of rapidly changing digital technology, it is important for businesses to keeppace with transforming marketing approaches. Social media marketing techniques are now very trivial as the majority of businesses are using them. Therefore, to gain a competitive edge in the market, it is important to try emerging bot-based marketing solutions. Skype bots are one of the artificial intelligence-based programs that are used by businesses for various purposes, such as customer interaction, marketing, advertising, etc.Skype bots service is one of our unique, one-time- purchase marketing solutions that offers a plethora of benefits to our clients.

The key features of our Skype bots marketing solution are:-

  • Ease of fetching Skype IDs based on name, e-mail IDs, phone numbers, and other keywords.
  • Personalized service to send friend requests to multiple Skype IDs
  • Message broadcasting feature to send customized messages to the entire contact list
  • Automated missed calls to all the contacts in the list.
  • Data export feature for backing up the data into an excel sheet

These are not the complete attributes of our Skype-based digital marketing product as the list is quite exhaustive. Our Skype bots service allows marketers to target customers from a specific region or a country. Businesses can build long-lasting relationships with their target customers, core clients, and business partners.

Skype marketing software can be very useful for businesses looking for:-

  • B2B Marketing
  • Developing personal bonds with target customers
  • Creating a well-organized Skype contact lists
  • Exporting, storing, and importing Skype IDs and contact information of users

With our brilliant software comes the white label options that allow users to customize the software as per their preferences and needs. The software has a single-user license but we do offer reseller options too. If you’re looking for some appealing marketing tool, then you should try our Skype bot software for such purposes.

We, at Bol7, provide a complete range of marketing solutions to our clients and Skype bots technique is one of them. If you want to mark your presence in the business world, then arm yourself with our exclusive marketing software. In case of any query regarding our bot-based service,feel free to contact us via mail or phone or chat box on our website.