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Bol7 is imparting all the shared 5 digit shortcodes that are prevailing in marketplace. We have extensive variety of shortcodes consistent with your price range and quantity choice. We’re providing top rate shortcode carrier in India for Lead capture, SMS polling and balloting, SMS effects, SMS survey and many more customized application packages

We create customized applications as we better understand your business

As according to your requirement we are able to make customized software. We’ve got developed many custom packages shortcodes for Polling/balloting, Voting, SMS, Survey SMS, ResultSMS and many other purposes.

We do manage incoming SMS-In case you are already in the use of shortcode but not contended with your existing software i.e. User Interface you could transfer to us and we can manage your all incoming SMS without any fuss.

BOL7 Digital Provide Best Software

We provide our clients digital marketing solutions for web and mobile.


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