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dn1 day night sensor

Want to see a glimpse of the future? Our day night sensor isclose tothe future when it comes to technological advancement. Don’t worry about switching off the outdoor lights in morning. Our DN1 will take care of it. It will automatically switch on the lights when it’s dark. So, enjoy the best of technology with us.

A photo light sensor works according to the outdoor Illuminance falling on the device or the ambient light falling on the device. DN1 can be connected to any outdoor light with easy to do circuit connections. Once the DN1 is connected to any outdoor light, the working of the outdoor light will depend upon the lux falling on the device DN1. In the morning as the sun rises, with increasing lux levels or the ambient light, the sensor detects the lux level and switches off the light/s connected to the device. Similarly during evening when the sun sets and the lux level decreases, DN1 senses the lux level and switches on the light/s connected to the device. This feature of DN1 puts the user to an extra advantage over the ones using electrical/mechanical timers for the operation of such lighting systems.

DN1 has been specifically designed for outdoor lights. This day night sensor eliminates the need to manually operate any of the outdoor lights in the facility.

It also distinguishes between artificial sources of light, thunder and lightning etc, verifies it for 5 minutes and then turns the lights off and does not require any power backup or battery backup for its operation

Most common outdoor applications:

  • Street Lights
  • Parking Lights
  • Signage
  • Garden Lights
  • Any other outdoor light

Here are some of the advantages of the day night sensor which you need to know:

Operating Voltage AC 110/250V- 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature -20 to 50 deg C
Load limit capacity 700 Watt
Ambient Light (Adjustable) 400lux(on)

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