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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is the perfect way to get relief from germs & infections. This sanitizer also proves successful in dropout the rates of infections that create through corona virus bacteria. Even this sanitizer dispenser, provides to be reliable results against the various types of contagious diseases.
Hand Sanitizer is specially designed to kill the germs that available in your hands. Automatic Sanitizer dispenser offers everyone a germ-free environment. If you need peace of mind as well as extra comfort you can use this sanitizer.

Top features of hand sanitizer dispenser:

  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is designed according to new based technology. Freestanding adjustable buttons are available here within built precision infrared motions. It also builds based on PIR sensor detection technology. This Hand sanitizer includes the funnel that permits the soaps to be entered into the soap dispenser.
  • This sanitizer has a waterproof base that prevents everyone from cross infections.
  • High quality & durable materials have been used to design it. It is framed by using the waterproof technology that prevents the alcohol of soaps from corroding the base.
  • This machine has a storage capacity of approximately 280ml/10.56oz. Anyone can easily control the volume of liquid by adjusting the switch. There is no fear of dripping and wastage of soap or alcohol in this automatic sanitizer.
  • This hand sanitizer has a warranty of 12 months. So anyone can easily replace it if any problems occur in it. Anyone can easily get the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that has been powered by 4AAA batteries

If you are exploring for best quality hand sanitizer, you can contact BOL7. We are famous in the market for delivering high-quality waterproof hand sanitizer products that bring your life into the comfort zones.

Here are some of the advantages of the day night sensor which you need to know:

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