Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management or ORM services are known to impact or handle how a business, enterprise, brand or an individual is depicted online. Reputation Management is all about creating a perfect impression of your company. The first thing happening when customers google for some company or services is reviews scanning. People want to make sure they deal with something real and good quality. That’s why having these 5-stars ratings mean so much.

3 Steps for Developing an Online Reputation Management Strategy

Step 1: Tracking and monitoring. Before you can manage your online reputation, you need to first learn what is being said about you and get an idea what the sentiment is. Sentiment is usually measured in positive, negative, or neutral terms. To do this, you should identify various methods you plan to employ to listen into online conversations. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs are all great places to monitor.

Step 2: Evaluate and interpret. Set up a process where you identify key statements from step one that you feel are impactful regardless of the sentiment. Then read those aloud to your team and try and interpret what is really being said. The information that comes out of a team discussion during this interpretation session can make a big difference in your entire online reputation management strategy.

Step 3: Engage and act. For each of your categories you made in step two, you should plan a specific action you will take to address them. For instance, you may want to directly comment on a blog post or you may wish to write an article or white paper that addresses a specific concern or perception. Once you have your editorial plan in place, assign you or your team members to execute the plan.

How is it useful for business????

  • Social Mentions Monitoring

We at BOL7 monitor your activities on social media and your audience reaction, reply to the messages and comments they leave.

  • Increasing Positive reviews

We at BOL7 find positive reviews about your company and get them up in search engines.

  • Negative Content Filtering / Removal

We at BOL7 have been successful in removing negatives with appropriate techniques or just put them down in search engines.

  • Optimizing the Google Listing

We at BOL7 Create and manage Google listings, which appear when customers find businesses on Google Search and Maps.

Our team of online reputation management experts will review your business and its presence on social media sites blogs and other business listing sites. We push down the negatives or complaints so only positive profiles are visible in search results.