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missed call service

missed call service

At Bol7, we specialize in all forms of digital and tele-marketing. We try to provide our clients with tools that will give them a high ROI and a range of options to choose from.

In the series of our products, one of our android apps is the Missed Call Service. This service is used by a variety of clients and has many use cases.

What is Missed Call Service?

Missed call service is an android app that can be used to convert all incoming calls to missed calls and also send a standard pre-configured message to every caller.  It is mostly used by businesses in order to generate leads or raise enquiries.

Bol7 offers this app as a single phone based license.

How does it work?

  • The android app is installed on the phone with a pre-.
  • The app disconnects all incoming calls automatically.
  • These calls are thus converted to missed calls.
  • All these numbers are then reported to a registered email address.
  • A pre-configured message to acknowledge the missed call can be set up and sent to every caller by the app.


  • High ROI – The end user doesn’t hesitate in contacting the client because they don’t have to spend money on a call.
  • Successful and relevant lead generation – Only those users give missed calls who are genuinely interested in the offering.
  • High lead conversion ratio – Because the leads are relevant, the outbound call centre saves on call costs.

Some Use Cases

  • Banking services – “To know about our latest loan offers, give us a missed call on XXXXXXXX and our executive will call you”.
  • Political Parties – “To show your support, give a missed call to XXXXXXXX”.
  • NGOs and help lines – “To reach out to us all you need to do is give a missed call on XXXXXXXX”.
  • Web Designing companies – “If you’re interested in getting a website for your domain, give us a missed call on XXXXXXX and we will call you back!”.
  • Educational Institutes – “If you’re interested in our latest course, dial XXXXXXXX and leave a missed call. An expert from our team will call youo back”.

Missed call service is beneficial for marketers and almost all businesses for lead generation. If you want to discuss your business-specific requirement, reach out to one of our experts!


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