JD CRM Integration

Getting short on leads???? Justdial CRM integration Unable to generate revenue for the company?? Don’t worry as this is the problem which all the startups face. The main thing that comes to the mind after starting up a company is how to generate leads. Inspite of the commodities any business or companies deal with, revenue generation is the main thing and that requires generating the leads which is not an easy task. JD is a company that provides local search for different services like Hotel, School , Hospital , Car, Cab, Shop Online, Ticket Booking for Flights, Hotels, Movies, Buses and Cabs in India over the phone and online. With our new software “JD Integration” you can have the leads generated for you without any worries. Let us look at some of its features:

  • This software will generate an automatic lead whenever you receive a trade enquiry on JD.
  • After that, your lead will receive an automatic email response /SMS that includes the details of your products and the services you offer. It will contain your contact details as well.
  • The company’s sales team will get the details of the lead to enable them to follow-up.
  • The automatic processing enable you to reach out to your lead in the fastest manner possible.
  • The lead’s data will be stored in the CRM system which helps accessing the same for further follow-up through email or SMS.
  • There is no danger of losing the lead information because the system ensures to add the data to the centralized CRM base.