HIVR solution gives a facilitated stage that altogether lessens turnaround time required to set up the client experience business process. With business costs on the ascent and framework turning out of date every day, organizations are presently grasping cloud-based advancements at an increasingly quick pace. With the movement of time, ventures have begun sending cloud-based solutions as they offer a sensible way out. HIVR – Hosted Interactive Voice Response is one such solution that has been making cloud-based communication available to all.

A Hosted Interactive Voice Response (HIVR) system lets your business grasp the best that cloud-based communication brings to the table. This arrangement encourages you compete with different organizations with more profound pockets, best in class foundation, and a loyal client base.

The best part of this service is:

  • Zero investment in infrastructure
  • Zero programming costs
  • Effectively adjustable IVR
  • Ongoing checking of calls

A standout amongst other business points of interest is that organizations can plan their own IVR forms through on-request, self-improvement IVR fashioner. It additionally guarantees simple incorporation with the current back-end frameworks, including CRM, database applications through online APIs.