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GSM Voice Broadcaster

gsm voice broadcaster

Gsm Voice Broadcaster

What is a voice broadcaster?

A voice broadcaster is a tool used to broadcast a voice message to multiple receivers together. It is available in various versions and one of these important versions is the GSM broadcaster.

What is a GSM broadcaster?

A GSM voice broadcaster uses the GSM connection to broadcast a voice message and is a simple desktop based application for the user to use.


  • It can be used to dial a minimum of 5,000 – 10,000 calls a day.
  • maybe used to broadcast a pre-recorded .wav or .mp3 file to a pre-set list of numbers.
  • It also records DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) entries and generates reports.
  • Single PC license with lifetime purchase and nominal renewal fee.
How does it work?
  • Multiple USB ports are connected to various USB modems.
  • Each modem is equipped with a voice enabled SIM card.
  • A maximum of 30 modems can be connected to this app at a given point of time.
  • A file of calling numbers is imported in the software.
  • Pre-recorded .mp3 or.wav file is imported.
  • Once the application is run, each modem makes one call and once all modems have dialled one call each, round 2 of calls begins. For instance, you deploy 3 modems – A, B and C. In such a case, modem A will dial a call; modem B will dial next and modem C will dial after that. Then all connections are terminated and modem A begins again.
  • The application also records the DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) entries. All those call receivers who make an entry are recorded and a report can be generated by the client.
Potential Clients
  • Digital marketers
  • Campaign managers
  • Call Centres
  • Banks, FMCG units
  • NGOs
  • Educational Institutes
  • Politicians and parties
  • Multiple calls can be generated without deploying many employees.
  • Reports for DTMF entries can be used by a small team to manually call and generate leads.
  • Cost cutting by reducing the call centre headcount regarding lead generation and sales.
  • Calls can be scheduled at a desired time, to a targeted audience and with pre-recorded message to maintain consistency.
Indian case study

A typical use case that can be made in the Indian context would be something like this:

  • Deploy modems with fixed recharge-unlimited calls connections (almost all telecom companies offer connections like 350 – 500 INR for unlimited outgoing calls)
  • Record a message and broadcast it to target audience (The client in this case was an educational institute doing a promotion of their new courses).
  • Generate reports for leads(All DTMF entries recorded as 1 were indicative of interest in the course).
  • Higher ROI on human resource in call centre (The client employed only two telecallers this year to call those numbers that showed interest. Last year they had deployed a team of 10 telecallers to do cold calling).

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