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Google Map Data Extractor

google map data extractor

What is Google Map Data Extractor?

Google map data extractor by Bol7 is single PC license software that helps you pull useful data by scraping Google maps. It helps you look for specific types of businesses in any given location. For instance, if you want to look for all Electronic Shops in New Delhi, all you need to do is to search for “Electronic Shops + New Delhi “ and put it in the software. The software will return you a .csv file with the data on all Electronic Shops based in New Delhi. What data does it provide? It’s not as if our software provides only the names of the businesses. It provides you also with :

  • Name of the business
  • Address as listed in Google
  • Website as updated in Google
  • Phone number of the business
  • Category often happens to be the same as keyword; however, it may be different. For instance RK Electronics (random name) could also have listed their business under the cell phone category.

In fact, this feature improves the efficiency and the quality of the data.

  • Rating if given by users
  • Reviews as submitted on Google by users
  • URL of the map. This URL leads the client to the location of the business on the map, when searched in a browser.

Benefits By using Google map data extractor, a client can benefit in multiple ways. They can:

  1. Collect data for hyperlocal marketing. For instance, sometimes, a client may want to distribute flyers in a newspaper. By knowing which area is densely populated in target business segment, flyer distribution can be done to give better ROI.
  2. This data can be used to distribute sales and networking areas for the field teams.
  3. This data can also be used to plan routes well in advance for the field staff. Thus their trips can be shorter and revenue can be saved on expenses. As a result, there’s better saving, without actually cutting costs.

Multiple other use cases can be created using this data. Consult our business expert today to know how can this software benefit your business and save you money and effort now!

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google map data extractor software

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