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A Web-based set of capacity function from Google. Antecedently Google Apps for Work, G Suite is a paid version that current a business face to employees with their company logo on every page.

Ques. Why G Suite invented?

Before G suite world, the technology faces very problems to mail the business. The mailing of Gmail, yahoo, outlook & many more mailing websites have limited mailing systems in a day. But to overcome these problems the troops invent a perfect, fantastic & brilliant technology the “Google Business Email”
The G Suite is a new technology to give you flexibility as per the time period. Mailing facilities for the company. Whenever, wherever they want to send email they can send & there is no limit of mails. The Google Email Hosting provides you the following limit for the troops that you can have while you are working:-

Limit Type Description Limit
Message per day Daily send Limit 2000/-
Message auto forwarded Automatically forwarded from another A/C but not admitted in the daily dispatching limit 10,000/-
Total Recipients per day Individual addresses is count in every mailing 10,000/-
Unique Recipients Individual address count once a day 3,000(2,000 External)
External Recipients Per day E-mail address outside your primary domain, including alises & alternate domains. 3,000/-

Now Question arises why G suite is popular?
To overcome the problems G suite is the best way to get the mails from the other companies. In other mailing there is less storage facilities to send & receive the Emails. But in the G suite there no limit for the sending & receiving the emails by the company.

Ques: How to use G suite?

Once you have signed up to Google Business Email, your Domain & email needs to be associated. For most of the personnel administration domains & email A/c can be aggressive & complicated. Then there will be a welcome in Google Email Hosting World

Ques. What are the features of G suite?

1. Make decision faster:- With single click you can turn to video conference in G suite world. In this feature there is no delay in decision making.

2. Collaboration in real time:- It can be work in the documents in spreadsheets as well as we can make slides. Every can work at the same time in same manner auto matically.

3. Storage of cloud & sharing of files:- In this the folder can be stored in the cloud or in any other folder. There is no email attachment is require.


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