G Suite

Why G-suite was invented?

Before G-suite, sending business mails was a difficult task. Websites such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook and others allowed limited mails to be sent per day. So, they were not meeting the demands of businesses. To overcome this problem G came up with ‘G Business Email’. It offers flexibility that is required to run businesses. There is no limit on numbers of mails that can be sent. It is perfect and fulfils all the demands of modern day market. We have mentioned details on the mails that can be sent using G Business Email. Let’s have a look:

Paste the chart here.

Why is G suite popular?

There are various reasons why it is popular however the main reason is the flexibility it offers. Using this service you can send and receive emails anywhere and everywhere without any limit. There is no limit on the storage too. This makes G suite a must have facility for any company.

How to use G suite?

Firstly, you need to sign up on G business email. Once you are done, you have to associate your email and domain to it. For most of the personnel administration, domains and email account can be aggressive and complicated. After completing this process, you can use G suite.

Features of G suite

G suite has several exciting features that make it different from other services. Let’s have a look on them:

Quick Decision Making

With a single click, you can use video conference in G suite. This makes decision making easier and fast.

Real Time Collaboration

You can work simultaneously on spread sheets and make slides. You don’t have to keep switching as it will be done automatically.

Amazing Storage and Sharing

G suite makes sharing and storage of files extremely easy. There is no limit on storage and you don’t need to attach document in email to share it. You can directly share your files using G drive.

G email hosting allows you to do amazing things. If you are looking to expand your business then you must have G suite. If the market is the battle field then you must have G suite in your armoury.

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