Digital Voting

The SMS based voting system has brought a drastic change in the percentage of voters and nulled the materials required for existing voting systems. It has increased voter’s participation, provided greater speed and accuracy, reduced the amount of time taken for gathering and counting the votes and therefore announcing the results. The following steps are required for the GSM module based SMS voting system:-

  1. First of all a generalized unique number is allotted by the election commission to the voters those who are eligible for voting.
  2. Voters send a SMS like (Vote 2018) to that allotted number.
  3. Now the voter is received an acknowledgement message form the commission to enter the personal information like AADHAAR card NO,VOTER ID number and date of birth and send again for authentication purpose.
  4. Commission verify the details provided by the voter : if the details are matched and found to be authenticated voter, the nominee candidates list will appear on the his/ her mobile screen for voting.
  5. Once the voting is successfully accepted the voter is blocked for further voting for that particular session because of security purpose.

If any incorrect entry is given by the voter, commission provides three chances to correct them, after that voter blocked for that particular session.