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bulk voice call

Voice SMS Service calls are pre-recorded voice messages offered to mobile phones and landline networks in a desired region or niche to target particular customer zone. Voice calls are computerized calls which include robotized dialing different numbers without a moment's delay utilizing computerized software, playing a pre-recorded message to automatically dialed contact numbers. This correspondence method of mass voice calls has the benefit of ears to the ground reach and customized messages.

Bol7 provides expert Bulk voice SMS service, a real smart auto dialer for achieving to convey messages to masses with customized messages with smart response choices you desire. The voice call software dials the numbers that you send to us and plays your recorded voice message. No individual or specialist is required to converse with the recipient of the computerized call. The beneficiary of mass voice call basically listens to the recorded voice message. Isn’t this sound so simple!

Voice SMS Campaign could be utilized for many purposes like:
Political purposes like campaign, reminders, registrations etc.
Give updates like Insurance premium, EMI, Account activities
Arrangement update
Social insurance and Health Care
Media Houses
IT Support
Stock representatives and Bankers
Education and Hospitality Sectors

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