Bulk Voice SMS

Listening to voice or reading a text, which one would you prefer? Voice of course, the reason is simple as you connect more with the sound and it also saves you the effort of reading. This is exactly the reason behind using bulk voice SMS service for marketing. In this service, pre-recorded voice messages are played on dialled contact numbers. It is done automatically by computerized software.

Bulk voice SMS has an edge over other forms of marketing. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Better Connection with Buyers
  • Great Feedback Method
  • Offers Consistency
  • Easy and Simple

In addition to the above mentioned benefits of bulk voice SMS, it also offers versatility. It can be utilized in various places such as:

  • Social Insurance and Health Centres
  • Media Houses
  • IT Support
  • Stock Representatives and Bankers
  • Education and Hospitality Sectors

So, you don’t have to worry about the field you are in. Bulk SMS can be good everywhere. BOL7 being one of the best bulk voice SMS service provider will make sure to boost your business with its service. We offer some great benefits to our clientele that make us a great company. We have mentioned them below to help you get us know better. Have a look what we provide:

  • Smart Auto Dialer for customised messages
  • Desired response choices
  • Expert team at your disposal
  • Bulk voice call campaigns for better results

You can understand how useful voice SMS could be for your business if used properly. So, to make it effective, you need someone good at it. Leave your worries of marketing and let us handle them through this amazing tool. Just trust us and let your company be the name that everyone wants to hear!