Application development services refer to professional services that help businesses, organizations, and individuals create custom software applications to meet specific needs or goals. These services may include the following:

1. Requirements gathering: This involves working with clients to understand their needs and goals for the application, and creating a detailed specification or plan for the project.

2. Design and prototyping: This involves creating mockups or prototypes of the application to help visualize how it will look and function.

3. Development: This involves writing the code for the application, testing it, and fixing any bugs or issues that arise.

4. Deployment: This involves installing and configuring the application on the appropriate servers or devices, and making it available to users.

5. Maintenance and support: This involves providing ongoing support and maintenance for the application, including fixing bugs, adding new features, and updating the application as needed.

Bol7 Application development services can be provided by a variety of professionals, including software developers, project managers, designers, and quality assurance testers.